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500 X full colour digital inkjet printed and duplicated CDs or DVD's, packaged into Full Colour Litho Printed/ Coated Card Wallets. Currently retails at £433.60.


Featured Products Price  
50 x CD, Inkjet Colour, Spindle £49.80
50 x CD, Inkjet Colour, Plastic Wallet £51.00
50 x CD, Inkjet Colour, Clam Shell £56.40
100 x CD, Inkjet Colour, CD Case Standard - Black Tray, 1 Sided CD Cover, CD Back Cover £129.60
100 x DVD, Inkjet Colour, DVD Case Standard Black, DVD Outer Wrap, 2 Sided DVD £140.40
100 x CD, Inkjet Colour, CD Case Standard - Black Tray, 4 Sided CD Booklet, CD Back Cover £142.80
250 x CD, Inkjet Colour, Card Wallet (inc. print) £255.00
100 x CD, Thermal Colour, CD Case Standard - Clear Tray, 8 Sided CD Booklet, Double Sided CD Back Cover £279.60

CD Duplication and DVD Duplication

CD Duplication is the process used to create discs from a master CD. Disc duplication will generally be performed on quantities below 500 discs but can often be profitable on up to 1000 discs. Along with our range of CD and DVD packaging we offer an excellent CD and DVD duplication service which, by using state of the art machinery, guarantees that every disc will be an exact copy of the original disc you provide ‘byte for byte’. Using only the best R-Quest duplicators on the market, with copy and compare features, your duplication will be safe with us. From data files to video files you can be assured that DiscZone will produce exactly what you are expecting from our Disc duplication service and the end result will be the professional looking product you require.

CD Printing and DVD Printing

On top of our CD duplication services, DiscZone offers on two types of disc printing options to our customers; inkjet printing and thermal printing. Both printing types produce photo quality pictures, text and graphics which guarantees to give your duplication the most professional look available. Inkjet printing offers crystal clear, 4800 x 1200 dpi graphics with a great on disc finish whilst thermal printing also offer state of the art, 160 lpi picture quality with a full water and scratch resistant on-disc finish. No matter which disc printing method you choose to use with your CD or DVD duplication you will be impressed by the standard which our machines can produce.

Also if you require CD printing without duplication DiscZone offer a print-only service where you will still be able to choose from any of our fantastic printing and packing options.

CD Packaging and DVD Packaging

To complement the range of duplication and printing on offer DiscZone can provide a range of CD and DVD packaging to give your discs the ultimate protection and professional finish. Anything from plastic wallets to CD and DVD cases can be purchased to make your discs the finished product. Also a range of CD and DVD inserts are available in combination with packaging to set your product to life. CD packaging artwork can make a product unique and give it that last impression in customer’s minds which make the product complete. Finally a range of security packaging such as security seals and cellophane wrapping can be offered to give the product the ultimate security and protection.

CD Duplication Services and DVD Duplication Services

Apart from our excellent CD and DVD duplication service, DiscZone offers a range of CD and DVD related services to assists you in creating the perfect disc duplication to suit your needs. Services such as artwork creation for your CD duplication is available and one of our top design team will produce the artwork from your specifications to the highest standard making your CD’s look breath taking. Take a look on our CD duplication resources page to see some fantastic artwork which has been produced in the past by both DiscZone designers and clients and see if you can take inspiration with your own DVD duplication project. Other services are available such as DVD authoring and audio checking for which more information can be found online or by giving us a call.

Fast Duplication and Delivery

DiscZone offer the best turnaround times possible for a duplication project making sure that you get your CD Duplication when and where you need it. We do our best to meet any expectations you may have with turnaround times and if we feel we cannot meet the demands we will be transparent and tell you from the start. No matter how large or small your project is whether it be CD Duplication or CD replication we will always strive to get you copied CD’s back to you as quickly as possible. Also if you would like us to delay sending we can hold you discs at our base until you are ready for them. Once you order is ready we are more than happy for you to collect it locally free of charge or if suited we will post the discs to you using an Express 24h courier service as standard.

Excellent Customer Services

At DiscZone we pride ourselves on the high quality customer service we provide of clients through their DVD duplication projects. Many of our repeat customers choose to come back to us thanks to our highly recommended level of customer satisfaction. One of our main word of mouth selling points is our excellent customer service and we strive to solve any issues which you may have as quickly and painlessly as possible. Also, as company policy, we at DiscZone will always be transparent as a company and if we have a problem we will always let you know first so that you can help to solve the problem or at least understand why there is a delay in your duplication project. That way you as the customer always know the progress of your CD duplication order.

Latest Customer Reviews

by Jo Dodson on DiscZone Ltd
Excellent Service

I just wanted to thank all the team at DiscZone for the outstanding service i received last month. This is the first time I have produced a CD myself so was a little unsure about the process. However Rob and his team guided me through the whole process from start to finish for which I am most grateful. The quality of the Cds are outstanding and i will certainyl be returuning for more in the future. keep up the good work DiscZone, superb!

by Rich on DiscZone Ltd

Fantastic service, very pleased indeed.

by Steve on DiscZone Ltd
CD Order

Hi Rob and Team!

Just got the CD’s today - they look FAB!

Thank you ever so much for all your help and advice etc

I’ll definitely be a returning customer, prob’s in the next few weeks, I’ll be ready for the next Release.

I’m so happy to have found such a good company to work with.