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CD Duplication Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Supply The Artwork?

Below is the list of accepted formats which we can work with to produce your media.

  • Press/ High Quality PDF (.pdf)
  • Photoshop File (.psd)
  • InDesign File (.indd)
  • Illustrator File (.ai)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
  • High Quality JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)

Artwork should be sent via email to DiscZone, labelling each file clearly to show which consumable it is to be printed onto.

DiscZone provide templates for the major design applications available today. Our templates are setup to accommodate the exact dimensions and include a 3mm bleed where necessary.
Please contact Disc Zone for more information.

Which Type Of Printing Should I Choose For My Discs (Thermal Or Inkjet)?

This would really depend on what requirements you have for your discs.

A thermal printing technique uses heat and pressure to apply the graphics to the disc’s printable face. The print is very professional and is waterproof and scratch resistant. This gives a very professional look but will cost more than inkjet.

Inkjet printing is very much like a modern paper printer found in any home or office. The ink is applied though spraying the ink from nozzles. The discs are then coated with a protective layer to protect from scratch damage. However, to truly receive a waterproof inkjet finish we recommend that you select the ‘waterproof discs’ option.

Can I See A Sample?

If you would like to receive a real disc sample Click Here and submit our sample request form.

What Packaging Options Are Available?

We offer a range of packaging options to suit all our clients needs that will give your product that professional finish. For a full list of options including packaging options Click Here.

How Soon Will I Get My Discs?

This will depend on the nature of the order (i.e. Quantity etc). However, you can be assured that we keep our turnaround time very low by keeping all tasks in house. This makes it possible to dramatically reduce production time.

If I Choose The “We’ll Design Your Artwork” Option, How Will I Communicate My Ideas To DiscZone?

Our preferred method of communication is by telephone. We will then discuss any ideas you have, colour options and layout options. Alternatively we can put your design together for you and of course let you preview our design work before we take it set it to print. Our friendly staff are always on hand to discuss any aspects of your media with you and are very happy to discuss any options with you. You will be sent a copy for proof reading before your media is set to print.

Must I Use Your Disc Templates To Submit My Artwork?

Yes. To get your artwork printed effectively it is essential to use one of our templates. This will ensure that there are no discrepancies in the finished product. To download any of our templates Click Here.

Should I Submit In RGB or CMYK?

Your artwork should be submitted in CMYK format as this is the colouring technique our printers use. RGB is only a viewing colouring technique.

How Do I Pay?

We can offer our clients the following payment methods:

PayPal – please use our automated ordering system

Telephone – please feel free to telephone us with your order. We can accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Solo and Mastercard.

Cheque – Once your order has been accepted by our staff we are happy for you to send us a cheque for payment (please allow 3 clear days for the funds to clear when using this payment method. Cheques made payable to DiscZone).

Do you offer Client Accounts?

DiscZone are able to offer regular customers a company account which will then entitle then to use our advertised terms of service. This normally then entitles the company to 30 day payment terms from the date of invoice issue. Please contact us for further details if you are interested in this type of account.

What is your Returns Policy?

We will accept returns for defective and/or damaged goods only. Please note DiscZone will not accept responsibility in the eventuality you approve a design / design work / proof that contains errors. Any printing carried out following proof approval will not be replaced free of charge. PLEASE ENSURE YOU INSPECT YOUR PROOFS THOROUGHLY.

Please note: If you place a printing order & your artwork is found to be unsuitable for printing we will examine the problem and try to correct this for you at no extra charge. However if this proves not to be possible we will inform you of the problems we have faced and ask you to correct them. DiscZone will not accept any liability for artwork which is not provided to us in a suitable format for printing.

DiscZone will not accept any liability for any incorrectly formatted media which is supplied to us for duplication purposes. In the event of such a case we will inform you of the problem(s) and ask you to correct these.

If there is a complaint or suspected problem with any media we produce, we will normally ask for the whole order to be returned. We will then investigate the problem internally and if it is found to be a valid defect to which we are responsible for we will offer to re-run the project at our expense or offer a full refund at our discretion.

How Do I Get My CD/DVD Content To You?

There are three ways in which CD/DVD content can be submitted. This can be either through email (enquiries@disczone.co.uk) if the content is stored electronically or by post if the content is stored on a disc already. Our postal address is:

Unit B5
Houghton Business Centre
Lake Road
Houghton le Spring

We also offer electronic access via FTP for all clients who have access to this facility. Please note there is an upload limit of 1Gb per file when using this facility. Please contact us should you wish to use this facility.

Are some discs better than others?

Yes – discs are like anything. There are many different types of both CDs and DVDs ranging in quality. DiscZone only use high quality media for duplication. However, if you would like us to use your own discs, we would be happy to do so as long as they are 100% compatible with our production / systems.

Duplication Media

Please note that duplicated media may not play in some players or readers. Older CD and DVD players in particular sometimes have difficulty playing CD-R and DVD-R discs. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your media but is due to their lasers not being designed with that type of media in mind. In addition to this some players and readers have software built into them to stop them reading this type of media, in particular games consoles. However this is a diminishing problem as these players become less common and you should fine that the vast majority of players or readers do read duplicated media.