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CD Duplication Services from DiscZone

DiscZone have over nine years experience in the duplication industry. During this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business and we only use the very best, ‘state of the art’ equipment.

Unlike many other companies, our services include thermal and digital inkjet on force printing as well as a complete range of duplication and packaging options. No matter how large or small your order, we will aim to;

  1. Provide the very best efficient service
  2. Process your order as quickly as possible
  3. Dispatch your order for next day delivery

We only ever use triple A (AAA) grade disc and packaging and our staff are always on hand to deal with any enquiries you may have.

CD Duplication

CD duplication is a process of transferring binary data from one compact disc to another. The result of this process produces a compact disc that has identical to the original.

CD duplication is performed with a dedicated duplication machine, which simply reads the data from the original disc and imitates the exact pattern when “burning” it to the next disc.

At DiscZone, we use the most state of the art automated duplicators and offer a “cross-checking” feature which will guarantee every disc to be an exact copy of the original.

Once we are finished your Duplication job the master disc can either be retained for further orders or sent back to you with the finished job at your request.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printers are very common today, and represent the largest fraction of printers operating around the world. A CD inkjet printer works very similar to that of a paper inkjet printer in that, in simple terms, it sprays ink onto the designated media.

In an inkjet printer, media is passed through the robotics. The media then passes under a bar with the printing head mounted on it. This head moves back and forth quickly whilst dispensing different amounts of ink onto the media through microscopic nozzles to create the desired effect.

The inkjet printers used by DiscZone provide the highest quality print for both text and graphics.

The inkjet printing process does not leave the discs water or scratch resistant and therefore as standard DiscZone will coat all inkjet printed discs with a UV protective coating to help with these issues. Also special water resistant discs are available at an additional cost.

Thermal Printing

Thermal printing is another type of CD printing. Thermal, or more specifically Thermal Re-Transfer printing, uses ribbons rather than ink. The ribbon is then burned onto the disc with a lacquer layer to create a totally waterproof, scratchproof and quite frankly indestructible disc.

The main benefit of thermal printing is that price is constant and not dependent of coverage which allows DiscZone to drive down the price to offer the best savings around.

For any major project, where discs need to be durable and have that professional, ‘Off The Shelf’ feel, DiscZone would always recommend thermal printing as the end result will justify the extra cost.

Packaging And Paper Parts

After printing, the perfect way to finish off your product is with a suitable packaging. DiscZone can offer any type of packaging you might require ranging from spindles to 8 way DVD cases. Our instant quote form displays the most common types of packaging. However, if you have any other requirements which are not listed please feel free to give us a call where one of our staff will be happy to discuss this with you.

Booklets, inlays and other printed media may also be required to accompany your packaging. Again, our instant quote form will cover the most common options that we provide. However, our staff are always on hand to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Cellophane Wrapping

Cellophane wrapping provides a robust and professional finish to your media. It is also commonly used for security purposes. At DiscZone we can cellophane almost any packaging that we produce and this option can be chosen in our instant quote form.

Design Service

At DiscZone our In-House graphic designers are available to help you design your media. We are happy to provide our services for any part of your media should you wish to instruct us. For example you might want to consider using our designers to produce your CD case front cover, but provide the CDface design and back cover design yourself. Similarly you might want to consider using us to design all elements of your chosen media.

Our normal design service rates start at £25 (ex. VAT) per hour. We can usually design and produce a front cover, back inlay and CD face design in approximately 3 – 4 hours, however this is dependent on the complexity of the design required, any enhancement work that may be required on the images you provide us and the overall amount of textual content that is to be applied to the layout.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your media requirements. We pride ourselves on the professional and friendly service we offer our clients and will welcome any call you wish to make to us.

We are also very happy to have face-to-face meetings. DiscZone is based in the North East of England, so if you are in the area please give us a call to make an appointment.

To see a sample of our artwork and quality of print please REQUEST A SAMPLE.